Would you go to a beautician for antibiotics or painkillers? No…so why go to them for Botox or Dermal fillers?

botox treatment

“You mean you’re a proper doctor – one that knows the whole body”?

“Well it turned out she was a hairdresser, and one time even brought her little girl along to do my treatment in my kitchen”

“When something went wrong she refused to answer my calls and eventually blocked my number”

These are just some of the things I hear on a daily basis in my clinic. Yes patients (or clients) gasp in amazement when I tell them I trained for 6 years just to become a basically qualified doctor but then went on to do many more years of training and experience and have no fewer than 3 degrees and 19 letters after my name. So it beggars belief that people could elect or unknowingly choose and pay an unqualified practitioner to inject prescription drugs into their face, close to arteries nerves and veins they may know little about.

Most injectables and anti wrinkle injections are very safe when used correctly but occasionally things can go wrong. Last year I had to deal with a rare case of allergy. But I was appropriately trained and experienced to sort it out and the patient came to no harm. It’s alarming and disappointing that this very popular growing speciality, aesthetics, remains unregulated and thus potentially enables unqualified practitioners to work inappropriately. If you decide anti wrinkle treatments or dermal fillers are for you – do your homework. Is the practitioner a nurse, doctor or dentist? (Anyone else is not sufficiently trained) Can they deal with a complication or side effect? What aftercare do they offer? It’s your face, your health and not worth the risk!