Temple fillers

Why choose Barstable Medical Clinic for your temple filler?

Temple fillers are an often overlooked treatment due to the gradual ageing of this area. However, when carried out by a medical professional, temple filler treatment can dramatically improve wrinkles and ageing around the eyes. The treatment smoothes the skin, giving the appearance of a ‘mini face lift’ by stretching and lifting the skin around the cheeks and upper area of the eye.

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About temple fillers

Many people tend to find that their temporal areas hollow out as they get older, giving rise to a ‘peanut-shaped face’ that’s associated with ageing. It is however possible to remedy this using a hyaluronic acid filler. This acts like an air cushion, supporting tissues that have lost their elasticity and volume, restoring a more youthful appearance.

The temporal area is very delicate, and so it’s essential that this treatment is carried out by a medically qualified professional, such as the team at Barstable Medical Clinic.

Aesthetics Journal

Dr Ciara wrote an in-depth article about temple fillers for the Aesthetics Journal, where she advises her professional colleagues on the the anatomical considerations and best injection techniques for treating this complex area.

Temple filler treatment before and after

Temple fillers - frequently asked questions

It is unusual for patients to attend requesting temple filler, as this is a commonly overlooked part of the face. However, our experienced doctors often advise to treat this area, when completing a facial assessment, to reverse the signs of ageing.

As we age, the temple area recedes and the bones around the eye (orbital bones) also begin to resorb or degrade. As a result the skin and tissues around the eye and eyebrow sag, due to this loss of bony structure. By filling the temple you can subtly lift the eyebrow as well as revolumising an area that is a tell-tale sign of aging.

If you aren’t sure if you need this treatment, feel free to book a free consultation with one of our medical team who can advise you further.

Temple filler treatment involves the injection of hyaluronic acid dermal filler into the temporal area to provide volume in patients who have experienced volume loss through natural ageing. 

Our qualified team mostly use needles for injecting, as this provides excellent precision and bespoke results. However for some patients, their individual temporal anatomy dictates that we use a cannula to administer the filler. Feel free to ask us more about the differences in these methods when you attend for your free consultation.

Bruising is the most common side effect, due to the thinness of the temple skin and/or swelling. In addition, some patients also describe the injected area as being tender for some hours after the procedure.

Yes, the temple area contains very important blood vessels and therefore this is a complicated area to treat.

It is essential that if you choose to undergo this treatment it is with a medically qualified injector, who not only has the experience to do the procedure, but who would be able to deal with any potential complications.

In experienced hands, such as our team of doctors at Barstable Medical Clinic, who have performed this procedure hundreds of times, this is a very safe treatment with very minimal chance of complications and brilliant cosmetic outcomes.