Lip fillers

Why choose Barstable Medical Clinic for your lip fillers?

Lip fillers have become an increasingly popular treatment over recent years. Unfortunately, they have obtained a bad reputation; the overdone, huge ‘trout pout’ has become infamous (particularly in Essex!) and something that most patients want to avoid. As a result many patients are frightened to even think about having their lips treated, in case they appear fake.

The truth of it is this; lip fillers can be beautiful and natural when administered by a very experienced injector and when the right filler product is selected. At Barstable Medical Clinic, our doctors and nurses have been injecting dermal fillers for more than 10 years. We can tell you now, that lip fillers are actually the most technical and difficult procedure to get right and our unique technique has taken us years to perfect, so that ALL our patients remain natural looking, with subtle lip definition and volume.

Our doctors and nurses, have more than 10 years injecting experience in administering natural and subtle dermal fillers; our motto is always ‘less is more’. Book your free consultation with our friendly team now to discuss whether you could benefit from lip filler.

About lip fillers

Many of the big puffy lips seen around are a result of them being injected by newly qualified practitioners that have little understanding of lip anatomy, injecting as ‘one size fits all’ and not treating each individual persons lip as unique. In addition they are using thick products to create large volume, when actually lips require soft and small amounts of filler in particular points, bespoke to each patient.

The other misconception is that only younger ladies have lip filler. This again is part of the bad reputation of lip fillers. We regularly advise women of all ages to consider a small amount of lip filler, because as we age we rapidly lose volume from our lips. Over time the lip skin becomes wrinkled, lines (smokers lines) form above the lip and the top lip itself can start to turn under, so that it almost disappears. This appearance often makes people look older than they are, so in these cases, small perfectly placed injections of dermal filler into the lips can reverse the signs of ageing.

At Barstable Medical Clinic, when you attend for your free consultation with our experienced team, we will undertake a full and thorough physical assessment of your face and may advise that lip filler could help you to appear younger and fresher.

Lip fillers before and after

Lip fillers - frequently asked questions

Lip filler involves the injection of hyaluronic acid dermal filler into the top and bottom lip to provide volume in patients who have experienced volume loss through natural ageing.  

Our experienced team mostly use needles for injecting lips as this provides excellent precision and bespoke results. However in some patients, depending on their individual lip anatomy, we use a cannula to administer lip filler. Feel free to ask us more about the differences in these methods when you attend for your free consultation.

Most patients only require 1ml of lip filler; for safety reasons and in order to achieve natural results we do not recommend injecting more than this in one session. When you attend for your free consultation, our experienced medical team will undertake a full thorough physical assessment of your face, and advise you on the amount of filler that you may require to achieve your goals. At Barstable Medical Clinic we work hard to ensure patients only undergo treatments that they require and that they remain natural looking whilst obtaining subtle beautiful results.

Due to the anatomy of the lip, with complex blood vessels and lots of nerves supplying the area, it is, unavoidably, an uncomfortable area for patients to have injections. However, at Barstable Medical Clinic we apply local anaesthetic cream to numb the area prior to injection, to ensure maximum comfort during the procedure.

If patients are particularly concerned about discomfort, we can offer a dental anaesthetic block, much like when you go to the dentist for a tooth procedure. This ensures complete numbness of the lip.

Yes, all hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used in the lip are safe when administered by an experienced, medically qualified injector, such as the team of doctors and nurses at Barstable Medical Clinic. However there have been many cases of severe lip complications in the UK, seen mostly when patients have been treated by NON MEDICAL injectors. This is because the lip is a highly complex anatomical region, with multiple blood vessels supplying the lip itself.

If dermal filler is incorrectly injected into one of these blood vessels, it can cause a ‘blockage’, which then stops the blood supply and oxygen getting to the lip. This is known as a ‘vascular occlusion’ and is an emergency situation which requires a doctor or nurse to urgently reverse the occlusion to prevent the tissues and skin around the lip from ‘dying’.

In addition at Barstable Medical Clinic, we see many patients coming to us for reversal of lumpy, asymmetrical and incorrectly injected lip filler as a result of non medical and inexperienced injectors. The reversal process is not only uncomfortable but also carries with it risks and side effects, such as the loss of your own natural hyaluronic acid. If you are considering lip filler, we therefore STRONGLY recommend that you only undertake a lip treatment from a medically qualified injector, i.e doctor or nurse.