Cheek fillers

Cheek filler treatment at Barstable Medical Clinic

At Barstable Medical Clinic, cheek fillers are one of the most common procedures that we perform. We explain to patients that cheek fillers are the ‘foundations of the house’; the most important feature of the face to create symmetry, subtle sculpting and definition.

This is often the area that we advise, during consultation, is the first place to treat when patients are looking to appear fresher and younger. Why not book up your free consultation now?

More about cheek fillers

The term ‘cheek fillers’ includes a range of mid face dermal fillers used for several reasons. The injection of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers into the cheek area can help with the following:

  • reverse the signs of ageing and soften lines and wrinkles
  • improve jawline and jowl sagging
  • soften the nasolabial (nose to mouth) lines
  • subtle sculpting of cheek bones
  • provide definition and lift
  • revolumisation after weight loss or volume loss through natural ageing

Cheek fillers unfortunately have gained a bad reputation over recent years, usually for making people appear ‘fake’ or ‘overdone’, with patients often concerned about ‘big puffy cheeks’.

However when administered correctly by an experienced medical practitioner, and with quality products such as Juvederm and Belotero, cheek filler can bring the face into balance, and provide natural looking youthfulness and lift.

Cheek fillers before and after

Cheek fillers - frequently asked questions

Anyone and everyone! Cheek fillers are excellent for older patients who require revolumisation, because as we age, the cheek bones start to degrade and the natural fat in the cheek starts to drop and the skin then sags. This is why we start to form jowls; as there is no longer a structure or ‘foundation’ to support the tissues of the face. Cheek filler therefore in the older age group, restores that natural volume and therefore helps to create a lower face lift as well as having secondary subtle benefit to improve the under eye area and nose to lip lines.

In addition cheek filler can be used in the younger patient to enhance cheek bones or provide a more defined profile or create ‘heart shaped’ face in those with rounder faces. Many men are also requesting cheek fillers, as when injected according to male anatomy, this can create a stronger cheek bone.

The cheek filler treatment itself takes approx. 15-20 minutes, after we have applied numbing cream to the cheek area to ensure patients comfort during the procedure. Most patients require between 1-2mls of dermal filler, carefully injected with a needle or skilfully administered with a cannula, depending on each individual patients anatomy.

Most patients comment that it is a painless procedure, with very minimal discomfort if any. As with any injectable, there is a small risk of bruising and mild swelling after the procedure, which usually resolves within a week.

Yes, when administered by an experienced medical professional, most cheek fillers are perfectly safe. At Barstable Medical Clinic our medical team have been performing cheek dermal fillers for more than ten years, and therefore have a wealth of experience in creating natural looking, but noticeable results.

Results from cheek filler are pretty much immediate, although the ‘lifting’ effect improves over the subsequent 6-8 weeks after injecting. Filler in this area generally lasts between 6-12 months, depending on each individual.