8 point facelift

8 point facelift at Barstable Medical Clinic, Essex

The 8 point facelift (also known as the Liquid Facelift), is an innovative, non-surgical procedure using dermal filler injections in 8 specific point to create a rejuvenated, refreshed and lifted appearance. The purpose of this treatment, is to create subtle tightening of sagging cheeks and jowls, as well as to create a lifted heart or ‘V’ shaped appearance, rather than a heavy, downturned lower face which occurs as we age. By injecting these eight strategic areas, particularly in patients with age related volume loss, the following results can be achieved:

  • creation of more youthful contours, particularly in the cheek area
  • lifting of the mid and lower face as well as jowls
  • lifting of the corners of the mouth and softening of the nose to mouth lines (nasolabials)
  • subtly improving definition of the jawline
  • rejuvenation of the eye area.


About the 8 point facelift treatment

The 8 point lift, was developed by the world famous aesthetic surgeon Dr Mauricio de Maio, and only a few elite medical professionals in the UK, including Dr Ciara Abbott and Dr Danielle Abbott, have been lucky enough to train directly under him, and learn his bespoke techniques for this amazing procedure.

Many other injectors claim to be able to perform this treatment however, this intricate procedure requires advanced anatomical knowledge as well as in-depth understanding of product choice, individual patient concerns and highly experienced injecting ability.

At Barstable Medical Clinic we have been performing the 8 point facelift for patients for more than 6 years, achieving fantastic but importantly, beautifully subtle results every time.

If you are unsure about whether you would benefit from this procedure, please feel free to book a no obligation consultation with one of our team. We will undertake an in-depth assessment of your face and ageing concerns and advise you as to whether the 8 point lift is right for you. We may actually advise a variant of this type of procedure, involving more bespoke injection areas that are fitting to your individual anatomy and what you wish to achieve.

8 point facelift before and after

8 point facelift - frequently asked questions

After a thorough assessment of your facial anatomy and discussion of what your aesthetic goals are, our doctors will thoroughly clean and numb the areas to be injected using topical anaesthetic cream.

Some areas will then be injected using a small needle and other areas may be treated using a cannula (a small non sharp tube like structure which allows product to be administered without excessive bruising or tissue trauma).

Once the medical consultation has been completed and the skin numbed, the procedure itself usually take between 30-45 minutes.

Once the numbing cream has taken effect, most patients are perfectly comfortable whilst having this treatment administered. All the dermal fillers we use for the 8-point lift contain Lidocaine, an anaesthetic, which also reduces any pain or discomfort.

Dermal filler results are immediate, however they continue to improve within the first 8 weeks after the initial treatment, as they settle in and start to provide more lift.

Generally dermal fillers last anywhere between 6-18 months (depending on product choice & individual patient lifestyle and metabolism)

More than 10 years of injecting experience and using high quality products in the right place and right quantity prevents this! You will always notice the ‘bad filler’, the overfilled puffy cheeks and trout pouts. But you should never notice and you probably don’t notice, good filler results.

It takes years of injecting experience, as well as in-depth anatomical knowledge that means our patients NEVER look fake or overdone, but subtly refreshed and rejuvenated.