Nose filler
(Non-surgical rhinoplasty)

Non-surgical nose filler treatment at Barstable Medical Clinic

Nose filler treatment – also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty – is a minimally invasive alternative to a ‘nose job’ which involves precise injection of dermal fillers to the nose to help create a smooth, symmetrical and softer profile.

In the UK there have been many cases of severe complications of nose filler, unfortunately when patients have been treated by NON-MEDICAL injectors. Our doctors have extensive anatomical knowledge as well as more than 10 years of injecting experience with advanced fillers; many practitioners injecting nowadays have simply completed a 2 day course on injecting nose fillers and DO NOT have the experience or medical knowledge to rectify any complications that may arise. If you are considering a non-surgical nose job, PLEASE only undertake this treatment from an experienced medically qualified injector, i.e a doctor or nurse, such as the team at Barstable Medical Clinic.

Book your free consultation with our friendly team now to discuss whether you could benefit from non-surgical rhinoplasty.

Your nose filler treatment

At Barstable Medical Clinic, when you attend for your free consultation with our experienced team, we will undertake a full and thorough physical assessment of your face, nose and profile.

If you are likely to benefit from this treatment, we will apply a numbing cream to the nose prior to procedure to ensure your comfort. Most people, however, find this a painless procedure.

The treatment is also known as a liquid nose job because it is carried out using hyaluronic acid dermal fillers.  It takes approx. 20-30 minutes to complete, and results are immediate.

The doctor may advise you to undertake the procedure in two sessions, 2-3 weeks apart, to allow for any swelling to reduce and ensure perfect results.

Nose filler treatment - before and after

Non-surgical rhinoplasty treatment - frequently asked questions

Not all nose shapes suit this treatment. Non-surgical rhinoplasty, or nose fillers, are only suitable for patients looking to achieve a smoother and straighter nose profile if they have:

  • saddle noses
  • prominent humps
  • concavities or areas of volume loss due to previous surgery or trauma
  • nose tip hooking/ irregularities

At Barstable Medical Clinic we work hard to ensure patients only undergo treatments that they truly require and can benefit from. If after your free consultation we do not feel non-surgical rhinoplasty will help you, we will advise against the procedure. This may be the case in particular if you have had multiple previous surgical nose augmentations.

Yes, all hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used in the nose are safe when administered by an experienced, medically qualified injector, such as the team of doctors at Barstable Medical Clinic.

There have been many cases of severe complications of nose filler, unfortunately when patients have been treated by NON-MEDICAL injectors. This is because the nose is a highly complex anatomical region, with a complicated blood supply.

If dermal filler is incorrectly injected into one of these blood vessels, it can cause a ‘blockage’, which then stops the blood supply and oxygen getting to the nose. This is known as a ‘vascular occlusion’ and is an emergency situation which requires a doctor or nurse to urgently reverse the occlusion to prevent the tissues and skin around the nose from ‘dying’.

If you are considering a non-surgical nose job, we therefore STRONGLY recommend that you only undertake this treatment from a medically qualified injector, i.e a doctor or nurse.

We often see patients who have in the past undergone surgical rhinoplasty/ ‘nose job’ but are not entirely happy with the cosmetic outcome and would like to have dermal filler nose augmentation to improve their appearance.

Whilst the procedure is generally more complicated in these ‘post surgery’ patients, our experienced medical team can assess you to see if your aesthetic expectations can be achieved with this treatment and yes, even if you have had nose surgery you may undergo nose filler/liquid rhinoplasty if our doctors think you will get a good cosmetic outcome.

No. Not only is numbing cream applied to the nose prior to treatment, but the actual injecting is done with a small and fine needle and in small quantities, so most patients do not find this procedure uncomfortable.

As with any hyaluronic acid filler, this treatment can last approx. 9-12 months, varying with each individual.