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Jawline filler treatment at Barstable Medical Clinic

The jawline is an important feature of both the female and male face and is an area increasingly being treated with dermal fillers in order to achieve greater definition, reduce jowling and provide natural contouring to the aging face.

More about jawline, chin & jowl fillers

This popular treatment is suitable for nearly all patients. Ranging from younger people that simply want subtle and delicate profile reshaping, through to the more mature patient who requires a greater level of lifting and sculpting to define and reverse sagging jawlines.

Through careful placement of hyaluronic acid fillers to the jaw and chin areas, it is possible to balance ones profile and improve the following:

  • flat/ pulled back chins
  • small chins
  • ‘bottom’chins
  • sagging jawlines and jowls
  • poorly defined jawlines

Many men are now also requesting jawline fillers to create a more prominent chin and jawline with greater definition and improved symmetry.

To see if you could benefit from jawline or chin sculpting, book a free consultation with our experienced and friendly medical team who will undertake a full facial assessment and advise you accordingly.

Jawline fillers before and after

Jawline fillers - frequently asked questions

Many patients feel their jawline beginning to sag, or as they age start to see ‘jowling’ under the jawline, and in these patients we can use jawline and chin fillers to lift sagging skin and restore volume loss which results in a tighter more youthful looking jawline.

When you attend for your free consultation, the experienced team at Barstable Medical Clinic will undertake a thorough assessment of your face, volume loss and skin elasticity and will advise you accordingly as to whether you would benefit from jawline or chin fillers or both. 

The procedure itself involves injection or use of a cannula, around the chin, marionette lines (jowls) and along the jawline to create a lift to sagging skin and can be combined with cheek fillers to provide a non-surgical lower face lift.

The areas to be injected can be numbed with anaesthetic cream prior to the treatment being commenced to minimise discomfort. The procedure takes between 20-30 mins, and results are visible almost immediately.

There may be some bruising and swelling following treatment of the jawline, which usually subsides within a week.

Yes, when injected by an experienced medical professional, jawline fillers are safe. Due to the anatomy of this area, where there are multiple blood vessels and nerves, injection of the jawline and chin requires a skilful and experienced practitioner in order to minimise the risk of significant bruising or swelling.

Results last approximately 9-18 months.

Yes. Many men undertake jawline filler treatment, either to structure a more masculine or ‘chiselled’ jaw or as they age to reduce sagging and jowls. Obviously the areas that are injected in men differ from female patients, to ensure masculine and feminine features are retained respectively.