Tear trough filler

Tear trough filler treatment at Barstable Medical Clinic

If you are considering tear trough fillers, or are suffering with dark circles or ‘tired looking’ eyes, please book your free consultation with our friendly team now to discuss whether you could benefit from this treatment.

Your tear trough filler treatment

A hugely popular treatment in the last five years, tear trough filler involves using small amounts of delicate filler in the under eye area to rejuvenate and revolumise tired looking eyes.

As we age, the under eye area loses fat and therefore volume, which results in sagging of the skin (known as bags), wrinkling and hollowing. With this hollowing , the skin often appears darker with shadowing which accentuates that ‘tired’ appearance.

Some patients will develop ‘dark circles’ and under eye volume loss even at a young age, which may be due to hereditary or familial reasons.

Tear trough filler treatment - before and after

Tear trough filler treatment - frequently asked questions

Tear trough filler is a non-surgical, minimally invasive and reversible procedure, that involves a soft filler being injected into specific areas under the eye; the outcome being smoother, brighter and less sunken under eye skin. Once treated, results are almost immediate and can last between 9-18 months.

At Barstable Medical Clinic, the treatment involves numbing of the under eye area with an anaesthetic cream to ensure patients are comfortable during the injection of filler. This procedure, which takes approx. 30 minutes, can either be done via several injections with a very small needle or more commonly with a cannula (a blunt ended soft tube).

Most patients comment that the ‘idea’ of tear trough filler is more daunting than the actual procedure itself and that generally it is not a painful treatment when performed by our skilled medical team.

Not all patients are suitable for tear trough fillers, and therefore if you are considering this treatment you must ensure you have a thorough assessment and consultation with a medically qualified and experienced injector. At Barstable Medical Clinic, we pride ourselves on our expert injecting and years of experience administering dermal fillers, particularly tear trough procedures.

We provide every patient with an in depth anatomical facial assessment and medical history during your tear trough consultation, in order to ensure that you are the right candidate for tear trough filler treatment.

Please do not be offended if we decide NOT to treat you; there are often several reasons for this. For some patients, adding filler to the under eye area may make their ‘puffy’ eyes appear worse, some patients may require surgical intervention and some patients genuinely may not have severe enough tear troughs to warrant treatment.

At Barstable Medical Clinic we work hard to ensure patients only undergo treatments that they require and that they remain natural looking whilst obtaining subtle beautiful results.

When performed by highly skilled and experienced injectors such as our medically qualified team at Barstable Clinic, yes, tear trough filler are safe. The under eye area is a complex anatomical space, with delicate structures and thin, soft overlying skin. This area therefore needs to be treated with careful consideration, by a medically trained practitioner with extensive anatomical knowledge in order to avoid any potential complications.

Generally tear trough fillers are tolerated very well, with serious complications and sides effects being very rare; the commonest complications being bruising or swelling which often subsides within days. In a small percentage of patients, under eye dermal fillers are not well tolerated and can cause continued swelling and irregularities which would then require further treatment.

All hyaluronic acid dermal fillers used at Barstable Medical clinic are fully reversible so that any unwanted effects can be easily removed.