Migraine Treatment

Migraine treatment at Barstable Medical Clinic

Botulinum Toxin A (Botox) was licensed specifically for the treatment of chronic migraine in 2010 by the Medicines and Health products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and extensive research has shown its effectiveness, in not only reducing the frequency and severity of migraines in sufferers, but also significantly improving patients quality of life.

This treatment involves a series of small injections in to the forehead, temples, scalp and neck as well as specific areas that patients attribute to their unique migraine. Patients must fit the criteria of chronic migraine (more than 15 days per month affected by a migrainous headache) to qualify for this treatment. Our doctors at Barstable Medical Clinic are fully trained in administering Botox injections for the purpose of treating chronic migraine, and often treat patients who are unable to wait the excessive NHS waiting times.

This procedure is highly specialised and requires a full medical consultation prior to being administered. If you are considering this treatment, please ensure you only see a medical practitioner who is confident in carrying out this procedure.

Other forms of headache such as tension headache and cluster headaches may also see a benefit from botulinum toxin injections.

If you suffer from migraine and wish to discuss this potential treatment further, please book a free consultation with our doctors to see if Botox injections could benefit you.