What is Radiesse®️ and how does if differ from other treatments?

Radiesse®️ is a type of dermal filler made from Calcium Hydroxylapatite or CaHA, and is the first and only FDA approved CaHA treatment that provides ‘immediate facial contouring plus stimulation of collagen and elastin production’. A water-based gel solution, Radiesse®️ is non-toxic and 100% biodegradable and biocompatible so no allergy tests are necessary prior to treatment injections. Calcium hydroxylapatite is based on a naturally occurring substance found in human bones and teeth, therefore

Unlike hyaluronic acid dermal fillers (traditional and most commonly used filler), CaHA when injected into the skin results in ‘neocollagenesis’; the stimulation and production of your own natural collagen.

Radiesse®️, therefore not only creates an immediate, natural revolumistaion, but once injected it acts to lay down a ‘scaffold’ that then stimulates collagen and elastin production, resulting in long term skin renewal and regeneration.

Radiesse®️ has been used for more than 15 years in aesthetics, but more recently has evolved into more of a regenerative treatment. When used as a ‘wash’ or a hyperdiluted form, it can be injected into the skin and not only creates smoother and tighter looking skin, but also results in large amounts of natural elastin and collagen production. This long term regeneration leads to a more youthful, fresher and ‘lifted’ appearance, without using large volumes of filler.

What areas can be treated?

Radiesse®️ is primarily used for mid and lower face lifting, but has also shown to be excellent for regenerating skin in the neck, decolletage and hands.

At Barstable Medical Clinic we have created amazing results when using Radiesse®️ in the neck, particularly in combination with our other neck lifting procedure the ‘Nefertiti’ antiwrinkle injection treatment.

How many treatments are needed?

One to three treatment sessions are usually required to achieve best results. Most patients will require two treatments, although severe sun damage/ skin laxity may require more.
These treatments are spaced out one month apart. Though preliminary research shows that results with hyperdiluted Radiesse®️ may last up to two years, patients will likely choose to have one hyperdilute Radiesse®️ treatment every 12 to 18 months for maintenance.

Radiesse®️ - before and after

Radiesse®️ - frequently asked questions

This treatment is for patients between the ages of 40-70, or anyone with significant lower face sagging or anyone needing significant mid/lower face lifting. When used in ‘hyperdiluted’ wash, it can be used on any aged patient who has moderate to severe skin damage/ creeping/ wrinkles.

Radiesse®️ contains Lidocaine, a local anaesthetic, so once it is injected it almost pain free. At Barstable Medical Clinic we administer Radiesse®️ using a cannula, which means less injections, less bruising and less discomfort for our patients.

We advise patients that they may experience some mild swelling in the treated areas within the first 24 hours. This usually resolves quickly. As with any injectable treatment patients might have some redness, bruising and mild discomfort, however most patients tolerate Radiesse®️ treatments very well.

Due to Radiesse®️ being a filler, you will see some immediate smoothness and contouring following a treatment. However because it also stimulates your own collage and elastin production, you will also then start to see all the skin regeneration benefits (reduction in wrinkels and line, improved skin firmness and hydration) within weeks to months.

Results have been shown to last approx. 18 months to 2 years, depending on the amount of product used and patients individual skin concerns.