Everyone is talking about polynucleotides - so what are they?

Polynucleotides are a new and innovative treatment, that aims to regenerate your skin and enhance your natural collagen production.

A new regenerative medicine in aesthetics, and deemed more of a ‘natural’ treatment, this injectable works by ‘biostimulating’ your own skin cells into producing more type 1 collagen and elastin, resulting in firmer, tighter and more rejuvenated skin, as well as reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. In addition, there is an ‘antioxidant’ and free radical removal effect, which provides a natural, radiant and hydrated appearance.

Incredibly polynucleotides have been shown to also have an anti inflammatory and healing effect and therefore have we are seeing fantastic results when used for acne scarring, stretch marks and even alopecia/ hair loss.

What areas can be treated with polynucleotides?

FULL FACE – The full face can be treated, for example creping and fine lines in the cheeks and lower face. Some patients find they feel a little puffy after other skin boosters that contain Hyaluronic acid (i.e Profhilo) and therefore these patients may prefer polynucleotides instead as it does not contain any other ingredients.

PERIORBITAL (EYES) – under eye lines and wrinkles, dark circles and thin under eye skin can all be improved with polynucleotides. In particular, for patients that cant have or don’t require tear trough filler, polynucleotides ar a fantastic treatment alternative for eye rejuvenation.

NECK & DECOLLETAGE – particularly good for sun damaged, wrinkled skin on the neck, several treatments with polynucleotides can see incredible rejuvenation in this hard to treat area.

ALOPECIA/HAIR LOSS – for areas of thinning hair and mild hair loss in the scalp, polynucleotides have shown significant efficacy in the treatment of androgenetic alopecia and in all cases of hair weakening.

Polynucleotides -before and after

Polynucleotides - frequently asked questions

In the face and neck, polynucleotides treatments are usually injected using a small needle and in small volumes just under the skin, in several injection points. For patients concerned about discomfort, we can apply numbing cream to the skin prior to treatment.

For the eye area, we use a thin cannula to deliver the polynucleotides to the sensitive under eye area. Using a cannula means just one injection point, and very little pain or discomfort during the treatment as well as less chance of bruising.

It is recommended that patients have an initial ‘boost’ with this treatment, like other skin boosters. It is therefore advised initially to have two sessions, 2-4 weeks apart. Following this patients may choose to have repeat treatments every 3-6 months. If your skin damage or lines/wrinkles are severe we may recommended to have at least 4 polynucleotide treatments within a year, in order to obtain maximum results.

Polynucleotides differ from most other injectables, in that they take some time to work. This is because they are working on a cellular level, so it takes time for the skin cells to produce new collagen and elastin. Most patients will see a visible reduction in lines and wrinkles and a rejuvenation of their skin within a 1-2 weeks and this improvement will continue up until around 90 days.

As these treatments do not contain any hyaluronic acid, and due to the intensive purification process in producing polynucleotides, there is very little risk associated with this treatment, i.e minimal risk of allergic reaction. Also because they are injected superficially into the skin and are not a filler, there is no risk of vascular occlusion or skin necrosis.

After injection, patients can expect some redness and swelling which will resolve within hours. As with any injectable there is a small risk of bruising.