Skin Boosters

Skin booster treatment at Barstable Medical Clinic, Essex

Skin boosters are an injectable hyaluronic acid treatment designed to improve skin elasticity, hydration and radiance. Different from an all over skin treatment like Profhilo®, skin boosters are aimed at very particular areas of wrinkles and skin damage i.e crows feet, top lip lines, decolletage, and provide a targeted smoothing of the skin in these defined areas.

Skin boosters can also be used in the same areas that Botulinum Toxin is commonly used for, and some patients prefer to choose skin boosters over Botulinum Toxin for a more ‘natural’ appearance or in conjunction with it for very stubborn deep lines. Unlike Botulinum Toxin, skin boosters 

do not affect muscle movement, however can be used to improve wrinkles in the frown, forehead and crows feet. Furthermore skin boosters are an excellent treatment for specific lines and wrinkles in ‘hard to treat’ areas such as decolletage and top lip lines.

Viscoderm Hydroboosters ®

Viscoderm Hydroboosters® were developed by the producers of the famous Profhilo and have become just as successful. It has two main functions which both help to stretch superficial wrinkles in a natural way, resulting in its unique HYDROSTRETCH action.

Action one is deep hydration
This improves elasticity, radiance and smoothness of the skin.
Biorestructuring (your own bodys production of important anti ageing cells like collagen and elastin) activity prolonged over time.

Action two is tissue restructuring 
Stretching out of superficial wrinkles for those with moderate to advanced signs of ageing. Particularly indicated for dynamic areas of the face around the eyes (crows feet), mouth (smokers/ top lip lines) and forehead (e.g deep frown and forehead lines that are resistant to Botulinum Toxin).

Skin booster treatment before and after

Frequently asked questions

The full procedure can take between 30-45mins. We will apply numbing cream for 15-20 minutes before your treatment commences to ensure you are comfortable during the procedure.

The treatment itself involves multiple tiny injections into the surface of the skin, in order to improve skin tone and texture and treat fine lines. As with any injection, patients may experience redness, slight swelling and bruising to the areas treated immediately after, but this usually subsides within days.

The results can often be seen after 2 weeks but it can take 8 weeks to appreciate the full results.

For the best results possible from Viscoderm Hydrobooster® treatments, most people need two separate treatments, 8 weeks apart. However some people need only one treatment. Our experienced medical team will advise you as to what the best treatment plan is for your individual needs.

Once both initial treatments have administered the results can last about 6-9 months.

Viscoderm Hydrobooster® is a hyaluronic acid skin booster made by IBSA famous for manufacturing Profhilo.
There products have a great safety record, are totally reversible and can be broken down and removed from the skin should any adverse event occur.

We recommend this if your skin looks dull, dry and tired and if fine lines and wrinkles have become more noticeable over the last few years especially around the mouth, eyes and forehead. In addition they are particularly useful in hard to treat areas such as stubborn crows feet lines or top lip smokers lines.

Feel free to book a no obligation consultation with our experienced medical team to discuss with them whether skin boosters are the right treatment for you.