Mesolift (mesotherapy) injections


We have been offering mesolift facial injections at Barstable Medical Clinic for several years now. Originating from France in 1952, a real favourite of the Parisian women, these injections enter the skin and deliver concentrated quantities of vitamins ABCE (to name just a few!) amino acids and Hyaluronic acid to aid skin rejuvenation. You don’t have to be a biologist to know that these ingredients are the key building blocks used by our body to create fresh new skin. Moisturisers and facials will act on the surface of skin, but they can’t penetrate through. Mesolift injections go several millimetres deeper, into the epidermis, where the action really takes place. The end result? Skin will become more radiant, glowing with improved tone and elasticity.

I love having a mesolift treatment before a big event, wedding or party or just as a real treat to my skin when I’ve been overdoing things. This treatment is ideal for tired or dehydrated skin or as an anti-ageing boost for normal skin. Whilst it can be used for all age groups, it’s a brilliant option for younger ladies who are not ready for anti-wrinkle (botox) injections, or those who may not benefit from anti-wrinkle injections.

I start by applying some numbing cream about half an hour beforehand to minimise any discomfort from the little needles used to inject the solution. After several small injections, I’m done and it’s taken about 15 minutes. Of course a little bruising is to be expected but within about a week I notice a new subtle glow to my face. In an ideal world, mesolift treatments should be done regularly. At Barstable Medical Clinic we recommend a course of three as a minimum, but they are a lovely add-on treatment to have as and when you can.