Womens Health Services

womens-healthHRT consultations

“Exhausted, tearful, disturbing night sweats… just a few of the things I had been suffering beforen I met Dr Abbott…I had no idea menopause could be so hard, but after a few months of treatment I felt back to my old self…..”

  • Discuss your physical and psychological symptoms, clarify the medical and alternative options available to you with the latest up to date evidence on HRT.
  • Our female doctor has specialist training in gynaecology and menopause

Initial Consultation £200, subsequent follow up £150

Contraception advice and prescriptions

(Initial Consultation £200, subsequent follow up £150, prescription costs are additional)

  • Get a medical and balanced opinion on all the contraceptive choices available to you

Initial Consultation £200, subsequent follow up £150, prescription costs are additional

Coil (IUS/IUD) insertion or removal

  • There are 2 main types of coil, 1 releases a low dose of the hormone Progesterone (Mirena™, Jaydess™) and the other is a non-hormonal copper coil (NovoT™)
  • These are excellent long-term, safe reliable forms of contraception, with less than 2 cases of failure per 1000 women
  • The Mirena can also help heavy or painful periods, with 80% of women reporting no periods or light spotting after 12 months of use
  • Insertion is straight forward, although sometimes mildly uncomfortable
  • There is a small risk of the coil falling out (in the first 3 months) and infection, but this will be discussed with you in greater detail

Consultation and insertion/removal £280, 6 week follow up £50

Cervical smear

  • Done by our experienced female doctor who has specialist training in gynaecology

Price £200

Sexual health wellbeing check

  • Full or partial sexual health screen
  • Sexual health MOT including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, vaginal infections, HIV and Hepatitis

FULL screen: HIV, Hepatitis B & C, Syphilis (blood tests) and Chlamydia, Gonorrhoea, bacterial vaginosis and trichomonas vaginal swab tests) – £380

Vaginal swab tests only £275

Well woman blood tests

  • General wellbeing check of blood count, cholesterol, kidney, liver and diabetes check

£300: includes blood tests, printed report of results, and 10 minute discussion regarding results

Additional tests: Vitamin D, B12, Thyroid £150 each